Welcome to Allen, Texas!


Allen is probably best known for its football team, and for being a one-high school town. When you put those together, one of the best places for getting to know Allen is at the high school stadium!


Eagle Stadium


The stadium is very much a Friday Night Lights kind of place. The parking lots around the stadium and high school are packed on Friday nights with people tailgating and enjoying the company of their neighbors, and then watching football. We’ve produced a lot of great football players from this high school! It’s a really fun place to watch a game!


Allen is Still Growing


Allen is a great town and a fun place to live! Plus, it’s an area that’s still building. It still has new construction going up. There are great neighborhoods with the strong resale value, as well. There is so much going on here!


Urban Living Options


We are also starting to see a big increase in urban living in Allen, such as in townhomes. These offer a one-stop-shop living with restaurants and shopping right next to your townhouse. You could even be just a walk away from your job! We’re seeing a big influx of that type of community as we finish growing Allen.


Your Next Step


If you have any questions about Allen, give us a call! We think you’d love it here!