We get this question often. I mean, all the time. It’s this: “Do we really need a real estate agent when we’re building a new house?”

Yes, Here’s Why:

Why? Because when you go to the sales agent for your new build, who does the sales agent represent? The builder. They’re not there to represent your best interests. They’re representing the builder’s best interests.

I Look Out For Your Best Interests

It doesn’t cost you anything to have an agent represent you and make sure that your best interests are being considered. This is the first reason you need an agent—to make sure someone is looking out for your interests.


The second reason is that realtors have a fantastic ability to negotiate. We’re not just talking about price! There are so many things that go into a new build such as options and upgrades, design center options, etc. A good realtor can help you with negotiations on all of these.

I Represent You; The Sales Agent Represents The Builder

So yes, you do need an agent when you’re building a new house! The sales agent that is at the model home only represents the builder. Not you! We want to make sure your interests are safeguarded throughout the building process.

If you have any questions about how all this works, give us a call! We’d love to talk with you and tell you more about how we can help make your home building process run smoothly and beautifully.